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Our purpose

Powering global business growth through data-driven excellence

The problem

B2B SaaS leaders don’t know where to put their next GTM dollar

We defined this problem through 150+ interviews of Bain clients and potential Chiefsight customers including CFOs, GTM leaders, and RevOps leaders for B2B tech companies less than $500M in revenue

"There hasn't been a lot of internal governance in terms of how we store and centralize our internal intake of data. It is a nightmare to assess our GTM problems today."
Head of RevOps
Tech consortium – 180M ARR
"There is increasing scrutiny on how to grow sustainably and where to optimize…data is siloed, and comparability is a massive issue in understanding whereto invest next."
Scanning Software – 110M ARR
"Sustainable growth is now the most important vs growth at all costs, but we don’t have a scientific method to understand where to go next."
B2B Marketplace – 20M ARR
"We struggle to understand ROI in various cohorts and channels, and therefore it’s hard for us to understand where to cut costs and where to double-down"
Director, Revenue Strategy
HealthTech SaaS – 90M ARR
We don’t have a way to systematically identify where we are beinginefficient in our GTM, so it’s hard for me and my team keep a finger on thepulse of our business
SVP RevOps
Asset Mgmt. SaaS – 180M ARR
"People leave and knowledge is lost. This hinders my ability to make datadrivendecisions."
Document Mgmt. – 80M ARR

The Solution

The data driven excellence of the future

To data-driven excellence
Ai driven insights
What if analysis
Comon data model
Automated metric calculations
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why now?

The timing is now for GTM decision intelligence

Companies are recognizing the need for improved GTM capabilities

fastest growing job in the US is Head of Revenue Operations

An explosion of point solutions has led to a highly fragmented enterprise tech stack

new B2B SaaS and software companies founded since 20202

Machine learning and AI are becoming essential to the GTM workflow

share of sales and marketing professionals saying they will not be able to compete without AI in their sales processes3

Value proposition

AI-powered GTM Decision Intelligence

Chiefsight is a GTM decision-intelligence platform that unifies customer data from various systems, streamlines the computation of GTM metrics, and supplements this with external benchmarks and insights on where to invest the next GTM dollar.

Our Founders

A formidable founder team with deep-rooted expertise in revenue operations, wielding their collective years of experience to drive transformative growth and profitability.

Gregg Carman

Gregg is a proven GTM leader of B2B tech teams, with decades of having played a central role in scaling growth at organizations including,, Nuvolo, Mattersight, SAP, and Siebel.

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Giorgio Sleiter

Giorgio has dedicated his efforts in building Chiefsight since early 2022, leading the commercial operations and bringing in the firms’ alpha customer and early adopters.

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Our Advisors

Experienced advisors with decades of industry knowledge, offering invaluable insights and strategic guidance to drive your success

Mark Kovac
Bain Senior Partner

Mark co-founded Bain’s B2B Commercial Excellence group in 2003. In 2019, he was named in Consulting Magazine as one of the top 25 consultants in the world.

Jamie Cleghorn
Bain Senior Partner

Jamie Cleghorn is the global leader of Bain’s B2B Commercial Excellence group within the firm's Sales & Marketing practice.

Bruce Cleveland

Bruce Cleveland is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Prior to joining, he was a Founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners and had executive roles at Apple, AT&T, Oracle, and Siebel Systems. He is also the author of the best seller, Traversing the Traction Gap.

Our amazing supporting team

A dynamic and dedicated supporting team for your startup, providing expertise, guidance, and resources to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Kilian Re
Lead Designer

Designer with experience in B2B venture building. Specialised in Interaction Design, has helped set up multiple B2B early-stage start-ups  in founder studio with particular focus on UX/UI and Branding.

Jait Dixit
Full stack Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer skilled in front-end and back-end development. Specialised in creating seamless user experiences and building robust, end-to-end solutions form modern front-end framework to proficiency in servers-side languages.

Vedika Shetty
Business Developer

Is a dynamic strategist who drives growth and financial success by identifying fresh opportunities and nurturing vital partnerships, playing an instrumental and pivotal role in our company's robust expansion.

Satyam Jaiswal
Data Engineer

Data engineer with more than 3 years of hands-on experience in developing scalable data pipelines. Expert on handling end-to-end development and cloud platform migrations, utilizing Python, Cloud Services (GCP and AWS), Snowflake, DBT and Apache Airflow.

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